When Will I Receive My Medication Order?

Generally, we deliver the product within 2-5 working days. But if you have not received your product yet then you can get an update on your order after dropping us an email or through the live chat.

Is it Possible to Reschedule My Order?

Absolutely! You can easily reschedule your order according to your wish after dropping us an email at [email protected] without any hesitation.

How to Make Payment For My Order?

You can pay for your medications online by the given ways of payment like Card. This method is safe and secure and there is no fraud and no scam when you pay on our website Painmeds365.

How to Track My Order?

If you want to track your order then you need to click on Orders and then after selecting the latest order you will see a button of “Track Order”. By clicking that you will be able to ask to provide your tracking id. If you want any help then get in touch with our live chat support customer executive who is available to help you 24*7 hr for you.

Can I Buy Medicines Online Without a Prescription?

Yes, Painmeds365 provides medicines that you can buy without a prescription. We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy medicine sellers in the United States. We have never disappointed our customers. We are free from scams and fraud, also our payment method is safe. You don’t have to worry about anything after contacting us.

How Do I Cancel My Medicine Order?

You can easily cancel your order by following the steps below: –

First, you should click on Sign in and provide your credentials to log in.

Then click on My Accounts and there on the left-hand side you will find the tab “Order”, click on that.

There you will find the latest order that you have placed. Click on that and you will find a tab for the cancellation of the order.

If your order has been dispatched then you are late for canceling the order.

But if the product is not dispatched then you can cancel the order. You can provide the reason for your cancellation and then click on Submit Request button.

Your order will be canceled and you will get an email notification for that.

Why did My Order gets Delayed?

It is possible that your order might get delayed due to a number of reasons like unavailability of stock, shortage of staff, high demand for medicines, traffic issues, emergencies, bad weather, etc. If you want to know the exact reason for the delay then you must contact our sales representative available on live chat support.

Whom To Contact If I Have Payment Issues?

You can email us at [email protected] to clear your doubts or queries or any issues that you have been facing with the payment.

Will It Be Safe to Buy Medications Online?

Yes, it is safe to buy medicines online as it saves both time and money also your medicine is delivered to your doorstep. We at Painmeds365 are free from fraud and scams and deliver high-quality medicines to your door. Our team of professionals will assist you whenever you reach us.

Do I Need to Protect My Data Before Accessing Your Website?

No, your data is safe with us, we never share it with anyone or any other third party. Feel free to access our website, we are genuine and never play with the emotions of our valuable customers.

How to Avoid Fake Online Pharmacies?

Go through the reviews of the customers, that will tell you a lot more about the website. we take every possible safety measures to meet the expectations of our customers. Our medications are authentic and FDA-approved. We never compromise the health of our customers so reach us anytime to clear your doubts.

Can I take Painkiller Medicines Without a Prescription?

Yes, you can buy painkiller medicines without a prescription from our website Painmeds365. If you want to talk with our pharmacist having years of experience then contact us at live support he will assist you in providing dosage information and resolving your queries. Start with the low dose to check how the body responds and then you can gradually increase the dose to deal with your pain.

Do We Daily Need to Take Anti-Anxiety Medications?

Yes, antidepressant medications are recommended to be consumed on daily basis. If you want to see their effective response for the treatment of anxiety then you should take them every day and then gradually decrease the dose after contacting the medical professional.

What is the Best Time to Consume Anxiety medicines?

You should consume anxiety pills in the morning if you are experiencing sleeping difficulties. If you are facing nausea then it will be better to consume this medicine at night before going to bed.

How Long is the Treatment of Anxiety?

The success of treatment varies from person to person. Usually, the benefits can be seen in 12-16 weeks after consuming the medicines daily. Your treatment can be long-term and short-term depending on the severity of your symptoms hence you need to consult with your professional to ask for how long you need to take the medicines.

What Should I Avoid After Taking Sleeping Pills?

Consumption of alcohol should be avoided near the time when you take a sleeping pill. As a sleeping pill will take at least 7- 8 hours before you wake up hence it should be taken at the right time.

Can I Eat After Taking a Sleeping Pill?

Usually, sleeping pills are taken just before you go to bed. Most of the sleeping pills are taken on an empty stomach so take a meal a few hours before you take this medicine.

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