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Ksalol is popular anti anxiety medicine to treat your disorders and insomnia . We supply only genuine Xanax tablets which has been exported by the official manufactures.

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Components of Ksalol: AlprazolamMethod of Action: Anti anxiety, antidepressant, Hypnotic, Muscle Relaxant, Psycholeptics, Tranquilizing

What is Ksalol 1mg

Ksalol 1mg, is a part of medication which is known as benzodiazepines. Quick solution to treat normal anxiety disorder, pain disorder and Insomnia. Basically, it helps to reduce the abnormal actions in the brain which is the cause of anxiety. Ksalol increases the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body which we know as GABA. It improves to get quick relief to the person who is having issues. This medicine gives quick benefits to the patient and makes them calm. Now, everyone is having a very hectic schedule and people are facing several issues in daily life. To solve these issues, people need anxiety tablets. Here we are trying to solve their problem by delivering these medicines to their place. Now, you can easily order Ksalol 1mg tablets at the best price from our online pharmacy which is known as Painmeds365. A secure online platform where you can get painkillers, and anxiety tablets easily with the proper guidance of experts. If you consult with them then you always get the assumed results.

How and when Ksalol helps?

Ksalol tablets are indicated for the treatment of the panic disorder. These drugs are categorized by recurrent unexpected pain attacks; a short period or discomfort that person feels. They can feel these symptoms and reach a peak within a few minutes. Doctors never suggest Ksalol tablets to treat short-term mild anxiety in patients. These are not advisable for tension associated with daily life stress. It is helpful to treat depression in a phobic and obsessed state. Based on the patient’s condition, doctors’ advice these medicines to them if they are facing serious anxiety issues. They always suggest best medications to patients to get quick recovery.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

An effective option to solve the issue among people who are having anxiety disorder for a long period. The effective results of alprazolam in the entire treatment of generalized anxiety disorder are defined in simple 5 short-term trials.

Panic Disorder

Painmeds365 is a safe online platform where you can get the chance to order Ksalol 1mg easily at your place. The quality of these anxiety tablets is completely tested and checked. You can trust these medicines and make your life stress-free. Ksalol is also defined as the entire treatment of pain disorder with or without agoraphobia. In this case, you can get the results in 2 short-term methods to get positive outcomes.

Dosage and Method for Ksalol


Initially 0.25mg to 0.5mg orally three times daily (increased if required to a total 3mg daily)

The elderly (for debilitating disease)

Initially 0.25mg two or three time daily (increased if required and tolerated)

Pediatric Population

The safety and effectiveness of Ksalol in children and teenage below the age of 18 years have not been recommended. Not advisable for this category.

Method of administration

For Oral Use

Try to use anxiety tablets for short period. Don’t stretch the treatment for more than 4 weeks. If you require more tablets, then consult with a doctor first and follow the instructions. This is advised when you are not facing any serious symptoms while consuming. The maximum duration of Ksalol medicine should not be more than 8 to 12 weeks including the gap.

Elderly Patients

For elderly patients, one tablet is suggested once a day in the morning. The Ksalol tablet should be taken intact; not be munched, crushed, or cracked. The total daily dose for this category is between 3 to 6 mg per day. We know that elderly patients need complete information about the doses of Ksalol. For our patients, we are offering a live chat option. This is a simple and effective way to gather useful information with accuracy from them. They are always expert clients, so they get the idea about the usage of Ksalol properly. Avoid making the changes in the dosage without any guidance, causing problems.

Side Effects of Ksalol

When patients use anxiety medicine, benzodiazepines like Ksalol can be a beneficial pills for anxiety. With positive outcomes, there are some risk factors associated with their use.

Prolonged dependence: If patients take Ksalol for a long period are likely to suffer more intense unpleasant withdrawal symptoms than for a short period of use.

Multi-substance abuse: If patients are taking another sedative-hypnotic drug while taking alprazolam, face more side effects as compared with others. Taking these drugs together can also lead to overdose; to avoid this consult with experts always.

Mental Health Condition: People who are suffering from underlying mental conditions like depression or anxiety; may find more challenges while completing the entire dosage. They face the challenge to get through the removal method because signs re-emerge during the recovery time.

Ksalol Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Palpitation, increased heart rate
  • Sensation of shortness of breath
  • More Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Feeling chocked
  • Sudden cheat pain
  • Nausea

Some people face different issues like sleep problems, hand tremors, and dry retching. Apart from that some face issues like unintentional weight loss, muscle stiffness or pain, panic attacks, concentration issue, changes in perception, psychotic reactions, and many more.

Ksalol Withdrawal Timeline

Depends on the patient’s dosage; how regularly the patient was using Ksalol, and the quantity of dose being used. Also depends on the patient’s age and total health condition and body’s response. This increases to influence the speed of onset of the withdrawal syndrome. To get rid of these issues, a patient needs to consult with experts and work accordingly to get positive outcomes.

Acute Withdrawal Timeline

  • Duration (1 to 4 days): Increased anxiety
  • Duration (10 to 14 days): physical symptoms, Sweating, dry retching, weight loss, headache, muscle pain, staying asleep, irritability.
  • Duration (7 days to 28 days): Increased anxiety, insomnia

 Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

After the initial withdrawal stage,

Patients may experience “post-acute” symptoms, which mainly include anxiety, fatigue, and memory issues.  After one month, it is tough to determine whether the patient is continuing to suffer from Ksalol withdrawal signs. The risk of side effects and negative symptoms increased if patients take other substances like alcohol.

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