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painmeds365 values you as an esteemed customer and takes care of your rights to the policy. When you sign in to our website, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in our terms and conditions agreement.

The agreement constitutes the agreement between both parties that includes us and you, and supersedes prior agreements, warranties, understandings, and representation with regards to the site, the subject matter of this agreement, the entire content, and product and services. The amendment may be done at any time without specific notice to you in advance.

We recommend you to stay updated all about our posts to know the changes taking place in this agreement. We post the agreement on this site, and it is advised to read through the agreement prior to using the site.

Although the information posted on the website is presented for your benefits and believed to be correct, the sites take no accountability or warranties with respect to the accuracy and completeness of the information. Information is presented upon the condition that the person going through it will decide the suitability and purpose prior to using the products and services. In no event will Painmeds365 be liable for damages of any nature resulting from the use of information or product or services to which the particular information refers.

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