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What is Soma and what is it used for?

Soma (carisoprodol) is a sort of muscle relaxer that is very helpful in blocking pain sensations among the nerves and the brain. Soma when taken along with proper rest and physiotherapy treats skeletal muscles conditions such as pain or injury. This medication should only used for short periods such as two or three weeks as there is no clear evidences have been found for its effectiveness in long term duration. Most skeletal muscle injuries are usually of short duration.

How does pain o soma 350mg work?

Pain-O-Soma 350mg is a sort of muscle relaxant which is used for relieving pain and uneasiness created out of strains, sprains and other muscle injuries. This medicine works by manipulating the communication among the nerves available in central nervous system. It generates muscle relaxation and pain relief. Soma is present in the form of tablets and it is also available in the combination products including tablets like aspirin or codeine and aspirin. This medicine is taken so many times a day as per prescriptions of doctor. It is recommended to use Soma along with milk or food as it can also upset your stomach.

Carisoprodol is then broken into meprobamate inside the body that stays active in its effects. Carisoprodol is then absorbed and shows its effects after thirty minutes with its lasting effects for four to six hours. Peak concentrations can be seen in 1.5 to 2 hours for carisoprodol and between 3 to 4 hours for its meprobamate metabolite.

The half-life of Soma( Carisoprodol ) is around 1 to 3 hours that may vary depending upon the individual metabolism. The half-life of meprobamate is quite long and can result in accumulation with multiple doses. Both Soma( Carisoprodol ) and its metabolite meprobamate are expelled in the urine and can be detected after few days.

How to Take pain o soma 350mg?

pain o soma 350mg tablets should be taken thrice a day and at bedtime and only for two to three weeks by adults and young individuals, who are more than sixteen years old, as per doctor’s suggestions. You should consume by mouth and you can have it on empty stomach, entirely depending upon you. Ensure that you follow the instructions mentioned on the prescription exactly. In case of any confusion, do not fail to ask your doctor or physician, for clarifications.

As is common with all other medicines, the dosage varies differently with different kinds of patients.  If you have children who are less than 16 years of age, the dosage is determined by the doctor’s instructions.

One very important thing to be observed, is that if you miss a single dosage of the medicine, then you should take it immediately. But, if it is the time, for your next dose, it is recommended, that you should leave the missed dosage, and return to your regular dosing schedule. Never take double doses.

Store the medication very carefully, in a closed jar, at room temperature, which should be away from all kinds of light, heat, sunlight and moisture respectively. It should be kept away from kids. Never keep old medicine, or medications past the expiry date.

Why Use Soma?

If you are having severe pain in muscles, sprains, strains or any other kind of injuries, to your muscles, then you should use Soma( Carisoprodol ).  This medication is greatly preferred over other medicines, since it is much more affordable and easily available over all the offline and online pharmacies, in the nation. You will be easily be able to gauge how popular this medicine is, since, it received patent way back in 1959 by the US FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ). One of the prime reasons, why this medication is so cost effective, is that it is available as a generic tablet. Affordability of the medication is a very crucial  issue, in the United States, and it is estimated, that the no1 reason for bankruptcies is that of medical bills. It is evident, so much, when the whole nation is engulfed with economic crisis, due to COVID pandemic.

In 2017, Soma (Carisoprodol), was the medicine, which was the 255th most prescribed   in the United States and had more than a million prescriptions. This tablet is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Soma Dosage & Effects

The dosage of this medicine is pretty straightforward. For adults, it is around 250 to 350 mg daily, orally and at bedtime. The duration should be from two to three weeks.

This medication has a half an hour onset of action, with the effects lasting from  2 to 6 hours. Soma( Carisoprodol ) is metabolized in the liver, with the help of cytochrome P450 oxidase isozyme CYP2C19. This enzyme is excreted by the human liver and has a eight and a half hour life. A big section of Soma( Carisoprodol ) is metabolized to meprobamate. This substance is highly addictive, and no wonder, this medication is extremely addictive, if used wrongly. Soma( Carisoprodol ) has strong anxiolytic effects and this is due to the fact, that it is metabolized into this substance, meprobamate. This medicine is water soluble and freely soluble in acetone, chloroform and ethanol and its solubility, doesn’t depend on Ph at all.

Besides medical effects, this drug can have many narcotic effects, if used in combination with opioid drugs. It has been found to be extremely popular in rave parties, since it cannot be detected in standard screens used for narcotic testing. You must note that Soma( Carisoprodol ) is often mixed with date rape drugs. There have been so many instances of people experiencing overdoses, due to improper usage of this substances, often leading to fatalities, since they are not aware of the enzyme induction induced potentiation.

Common Side Effects of Soma

The most common side effects of Soma( Carisoprodol ) are drowsiness, clumsiness, dizziness, fast heart rate, headache, vomiting, skin rash and stomach upset respectively.  In certain exceptional cases, you might experience serious side effects, such as blurred vision, enlarged pupils, difficulty in breathing, confusion in identifying the right individual, place or time, hallucinations, inability to move the eyes, sticking out the tongue, muscle tightness, blue nails or skin, uncontrolled eye movements, uncontrolled movements of legs, trunks, unusual expressions of the face, respectively.

However, just like improper usage of the tablet, leads to side effects, similarly, if you suddenly stop using it, without consulting your doctor, it might lead to withdrawal symptoms. The most common symptoms are namely anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness, very warm face for touching, irritability, heartburn, nervousness, nausea, numbness of the mouth, hands and feet, discomfort or pain in the throat, chest, upper stomach, restlessness, red face, spinning sensation, unsteady walk, shakiness, trouble in sleeping, insomnia, vomiting, trembling or problems with coordination in muscles respectively.

In order to prevent side effects, do not fail to inform your physician, whether you have any pre existing conditions such as allergies, to any kind of dyes, foods, preservatives, or animals.

Benefits of Soma

There are numerous benefits of Soma( Carisoprodol ), such as relaxing muscles, and remove discomfort and pain, caused by sprains, strains and injuries to muscles. It has been observed that the US economy is losing millions of dollars to hours lost in productivity, due to muscle pain, strains, sprains etc. The significance of using Soma( carisprodol ) cannot be emphasized enough, especially, for sportsmen, who often experience all these kind of afflictions, when playing competitive sports.

In the western world, sports means big business and brings loads of revenue, to all its organizers. In fact, NBA or popularly known as National Basketball Association, brings millions of dollars in revenue, to so many states, its sales have shot up, in recent times. For example, if Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson were to miss a single game, due to muscle injury, it would leave the organizers almost broke, since both of them are themselves brands. And if the injury is serious and left untreated, then they might miss a whole season, which is just like rubbing salt in the wounds.

Are there alternatives available for purchase in the USA?

In the USA, there are proven alternatives available for purchase such as Cyclobenzaprine, which has a similar function to that of curing muscle spasms, which are caused due to musculoskeletal conditions. You should order it only by prescription and also use it for treating fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, migraine respectively.

Besides, cyclobenzaprine, there is also another very popular medicine, such as Tizanidine, which cures muscle spasms, leads to drowsiness, sedation and drop in BP (blood pressure).  Liver enzymes monitoring is essential. You can also use it for cluster headaches.

Where to buy pain o soma 350mg online in the USA?

Of course. There are hundreds of world class online pharmacies, from where you can purchase your favourite Soma (Carisoprodol), such as is the trusted website among all.

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    It was a great experience to buy medicine. When drugs are confiscated, they are restocked through safer channels to secure my interests. Safe drug purchase experience!

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