safe pharmacies

Have you ever tried to buy medicines from an online pharmacy? You need to be cautious while buying medication online from any of the websites. Some of the pharmacy websites
operate legally while others are fraud. Not all websites are reliable and trustworthy. Usually, internet-based
pharmacies sell counterfeit medications to their customers. Almost 8 out of 10 Americans make online shopping as
per the Pew Research Center. Let’s understand tips to make safe online purchases so that you don’t fall prey to

Warning Signs of Online Pharmacy

If you are making a purchase from an online pharmacy then it could be risky and dangerous for you if it is from
unsafe sources. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how to check for the warning signs of online
pharmacies. You need to make sure that if you are making a purchase online then it must be from a safe source.

  • If you are getting unsolicited emails or social media posts that promise to provide deep discounts then you
    are at a risky platform.
  • If they ask an online questionnaire before delivering medications without a valid prescription then you might
    be at risk.
  • Offer low prices or deals to attract customers.
  • Don’t have licensed pharma staff to clear your doubts and queries.
  • Don’t provide instructions and guidance for using the medicines.
  • Ships prescription medicines to other countries as well.
  • Don’t provide a physical street address.
  • If you find something like this then you need to be very careful with this.

Signs to Find Safe Online Pharmacy

There are different ways to identify a safe online pharmacy. Such pharmacies never ask you to make payment without
any purchase. The prices that you will see on the website will be genuine and reasonable. There will not be any
hidden charges for the medicines that you are going to order. You will be answered immediately to clear your
doubts and queries by the professionals. You will not be offered any discounts and cheap rates just for

What You Will Risk With Unsafe Pharmacy?

Medicines that are sold by illegal or unsafe pharmacies might contain no active ingredients in it. On the other
hand, the medicines that you will order will be counterfeited, contaminated, or might also be expired. If you
consume medicine with slight variation in it then it could cause you side effects. You should never order
medicine from unsafe medicine as health is the priority of individuals. Also, data security comes into play.
Most of the fake pharmacies don’t protect personal or financial information. Your information might get misused
if you make an account on such fake pharmacies.

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