Identify Fake Medicines in USA

When fake medicines enter the supply chain the only people who profit themselves are from a criminal background. But it is not always easy to identify fake medicines. Many companies try to imitate medicines that cost them a high amount. Through laboratory testing, compliance activities and monitoring of reports counterfeit medicines are identified.

What are Counterfeit medicines?

There are two types of fake and unsafe medicine available in the market. One type is this in which companies claim to sell genuine medicine to the customer whereas in other types genuine medicines are imitated.

If you have counterfeit medicine then it might not have an active ingredient in it. It will include substandard or undeclared ingredients that will be illegal or dangerous to use. It might contain contaminants from unhygienic manufacturers.

How to avoid counterfeit medicines?

There could be medicines that are counterfeited and are sold from reputed online pharmacies. Those pharmacists who are dealing with fake and unsafe medicine could get their registration cancelled. If you are willing to buy medicines online then you are more likely to encounter fake medicines. Some websites will pretend to be genuine but not all are fake and safe.

Possible Health Risks

All medicines that are fake and illegal contain no active ingredient in it. It is more prone to have greater risk. Don’t risk your health by using fake medicines. Fraud medicines never treat the diseases instead they might cause severe side effects to you. Sometimes it could be fatal to you to use the fake medicines. According to the report approximately 2,50,000 children die every year due to fake substandard pneumonia and malaria medications. You need to be cautious while placing your order online and make sure that you receive the right medicines.

How to Spot a Fake Medicine?

If you are willing to spot a fake medicine then you need to compare that pill with an authentic medicine. Medicines are manufactured with precision and you can easily detect slight variation in weight, size, shape, colour and quality. While taking the counterfeit medicine you could sense something is off. Apart from this when you consume it you won’t feel that your problem has been resolved for which you are taking the medications.

Is It Possible to Stop Counterfeits?

Yes, it is possible to stop Counterfeits in fact it is against the law and comes under the criminal activity and civil penalty. Sometimes counterfeit medicines are hard to find but if you don’t buy medicine from unknown resources then risk also gets low. You simply need to buy medicines from genuine pharmacies who are from registered pharmacies. You need to be alert if anything is found suspicious about your medication. Tell your doctor if you have concerns about fake medicines.

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