Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) affects approximately 12% of the population at some point during their lives. They have difficulty developing and sustaining friendships, finding life partners, finding work and advancing their careers, and even getting through the boring tasks of daily living.

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety that causes anxiety in people in social interactions. People with this illness have difficulty communicating with others, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings. They may be concerned about others judging or analyzing them. They may realize their concerns are unfounded, but they feel powerless to combat them.

Social anxiety differs from shyness. Shyness can make socializing, schooling, and working difficult, although it does not cause as much disruption in life as social anxiety. Social anxiety is constant and overwhelming, and it can interfere with daily activities like going grocery shopping.

What causes social anxiety disorders?

The specific cause of social anxiety disorder is unknown, but it could be the result of a number of causes. Scientists believe that physical, biological, and genetic elements are all involved. Neurotransmitter system problems can cause hormone imbalances in serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate levels. These brain chemicals help to control mood. Environmental influences may play a role, but only as part of a complicated interaction that includes biological and genetic characteristics, according to some specialists.

  • Emotional, physical, or other forms of abuse
  • Negative interactions with classmates and overly restrictive parental practices.
  • Have an unstable attachment style.
  • Negative events can result in PTSD, which includes social anxiety as a symptom.

Treatment for social anxiety disorder

There are several treatment methods available to aid with social anxiety disorder. The effectiveness of a therapy will vary depending on the individual. Some people require only one sort of treatment, whereas others may require a combination.

  • Counseling Therapy: Counseling entails speaking with a trusted source, either individually or in groups. Counseling sessions are provided in person or online.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT teaches you new methods to manage anxiety, such as how to replace negative ideas with positive ones.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): ACT teaches people how to employ mindfulness, acceptance, and behavioral methods to be more present and how to live a value-based life in the face of negative emotions.
  • Group treatment or support groups: This helps you develop social skills and approaches for interacting with others in social situations. Working in a group will help you realize that you are not alone and allow you to role play practical answers.
  • Exposure therapy: This is a sort of therapy in which a healthcare expert helps you gradually face social circumstances rather than avoiding them.

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