A coronavirus knocked at our doors unexpectedly, leaving no clues that it would turn out to be so catastrophic for millions of lives. The virus is known to contain a group of viruses that are found in mammals. From the day of outbreak to now when the world is seamlessly taking every possible precaution to curb it, it became a trending topic across the globe even among people who were distant from the social world at that time.

With every passing day since the first person got diagnosed with covid-19 disease, it has become common to see end number of people getting infected by this virus. The persistence of the virus has resulted in the loss of countless lives, slowing down the economy worldwide simultaneously.

The term COVID-19 refers to the communicable infectious disease caused by recently discovered coronavirus. People were unaware of the detrimental effects it would bring before it started wreaking havoc in Wuhan, China. Due to this virus, china has to suffer a lot in all aspects. The impact of this virus could be seen when people had to be locked in their homes by government officials in order to impede the virus from spreading.

Not only people, doctors, and armed forces that were extensively involved in the rescue operations had to lose their life. As the virus was rapidly spreading and due to lack of adequate medical facilities, all countries were concerned about their citizens who were stranded in other countries. All we could this in these turbulent times is to follow the guidelines set by the respective government of different countries.


  1. Coronavirus disease can be caused by two noxious diseases i.e., MERS and SARS.
  2. So far, the research has identified six known human coronaviruses.
  3. This virus can be attributed to about 30% of common colds
  4. The virus known as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) spread from china to all the countries of the world, killing millions of people so far.

COVID-19 is likely to affect people of old age and people suffering from pre-existing medical conditions such as blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and more.


Human can be vulnerable to this deadly virus but before it gets too late, you must recognize the following symptoms.

  1. Sore throat
  2. Fever
  3. Running nose
  4. Fatigue
  5. Sneezing
  6. Asthma
  7. Cold or flu-type symptoms
  8. Respiratory disorder

Risk factors

As the disease can be transmitted from one human to another, so the only risk of COVID-19 includes:

  • Avoid close contact with a person who has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. The risk seems to surge when you stay close to your family member or health care worker during a visit to hospitals/clinics as they take care of an infected person.

Precautions you can take:

With vaccines or drugs now available in the market still, you must take care of the following things to prevent the virus from spreading.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Avoid smoking
  3. Avoid going to public places unless necessary and ensure to wear a mask.
  4. Take a clean cloth with you to stop running nose or while sneezing
  5. Take proper rest
  6. consult to the doctor immediately if found any symptoms
  7. Consult your doctor if you travelled recently.

Aside from all the mentioned precautions, it is up to you to take better care of yourself. So, think twice before making a contact with outsiders to avoid health problems.

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